Executive Committees

UAE FMA Executive Committee has been appointed by the UAE FMA Board of Directors it is compromised of volunteers who are members of the UAE FMA under specific sections of the Associations organizational structure.

The Committee are responsible for working in support of, or between board meetings, the committee is segregated into different areas under the organization structure, they perform work that are associated with Accounting & Finance, Human Recourses, Information Technology, Legal, Marketing & Public Relation, and Partnership & Foundation Relations.

Accounting & Finance

  • Ms. Ahoud Al Ali – Head of Accounting & Finance
  • Mr. Nabil Al Rahma – Member
  • Vacant – Member

Human Recourses

  • Ms. Ahoud Al Ali – Head of Human Recourses
  • Mr. Mohammed Al Hashemi – Member

Information Technology

  • Mr. Salman M. Hadi – Head of Information Technology
  • Out Sourced


  • Mr. Mohammed Al Hashemi – Head of Legal
  • Out Sourced

Marketing & Public Relation

  • Ms. Ahoud Al Ali – Head of Marketing & Public Relation
  • Mr. Salman M. Hadi – Member
  • Mr. Zafar Quraishi – Member
  • Mrs. Fardaous Chekili – Member
  • Mr. Abdul Kareem Othman – Member

Partnership & Foundation Relations

    • Mr. Nabil Al Rahma – Head of Partnership & Foundation Relations
  • Mr. Ahmad Al Ahli – Member
  • Mr. Salman M. Hadi – Member
  • Ms. Ahoud Al Ali – Member