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ACI Dealing Simulation flyer Dubai
February 2014

Date: 8th to 11th February 2014
Event/Training: ACI Dealing Simulation flyer Dubai February 2014
Title Sponsor: Thomson Reuters, ICAP, FXall, profit loss, ASTC, ACI, UAEFMA
Venue/Timing: Dubai, 8th to 11th February 2014


8th to 11th February 2014
ASTC / UAE FMA / ACI Australia
Proudly present the
The ACI Australia Dealing Simulation Course

Started in 1984, the ACI Australia Dealing Simulation Course offers delegates a chance to step into the mind of a trader in some of the most active markets the world has ever seen. The course offers a valuable learning experience for those with no experience in financial markets, through those with limited experience, and can also help those traders with two to three years experience. In addition, sales people, risk managers and technology personnel can all gain valuable experience of what their customers and work mates go through.

The course is designed to cater for anything between 24 and 40 delegates, and is residential.

event-logoThe course uses real-life scenarios, some of which have actually occurred in the past, to create a realistic market environment. However unlike other course of this nature, the Dealing Simulation Course is not preprogrammed, it is truly interactive and the delegates themselves, along with the customers, are the market.

Delegates are split into teams of three or four and each will play different roles through the course; Chief Dealer, Electronic and Liquidity Trader, Voice Broker and Prop Trader

A scrolling news service operates throughout the course, pumping out news headlines that often mean nothing to the market; sometimes have a little influence; and other times trigger price volatility of differing magnitudes. Liquidity is accessed via an electronic RFQ (request for quote) system which enables delegate banks to call each other for prices; an electronic broking system in which delegate banks can place bids and/or offers for public display; and via the voice broker desk.

Into this mix, the delegate banks also have interaction and have to quote prices in varying amounts to corporate customers, hedge funds and real money fund managers – they also see liquidity from algorithmic trading firms and options desks.

The course is a mix of the live dealing sessions – as described above – and classroom lectures, delivered by market experts of long standing and designed to raise awareness of specific issues that go into creating a good trader. These lectures include (among many others);

  • The Method and Psychology of Trading
  • The Use of FX Options
  • Using Technical Analysis
  • Understanding Why Customers Use the FX Market


To stress the interactive nature of the course, the course managers from ACI Australia are able to “dial” up and down the intensity and volatility within any given session, thus ensuring that no delegate is left behind or feeling overwhelmed. That said, this course represents, according to countless feedback from previous delegates, the hardest, most intense course delegates are ever likely to experience. They are on call 24 hours per day and are often woken during the night to be informed of orders that have been executed, or, in some circumstances to rush to the dealing room to undergo a disaster recovery scenario following events in offshore office.

To ensure that no course is the same, ACI Australia has a library of “events” that trigger market movements; these can be dropped into the course at any time.

As the course progresses, the intensity increases and the delegates are challenged to improve as the week progresses. At some stage during the course, FX options are introduced and the delegate banks are able to buy option strategies to complement their cash trading activities.

In short, delegates can expect to “enjoy” hard trading, quoting customers in amounts ranging from 5 million to 100 million; running option strategies whilst at the same time making prices to three different counterparties – and ensuring they know their position at all times; and laying awake at night waiting for a call on their overnight position. In other words, they get to experience what an experienced trader goes through in ten years, in a short period. They also get to test themselves psychologically in stressful situations they are unlikely to have experienced.

A previous delegate stated as part of the feedback – “my hardest – and best – week at work ever!”

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For further information please contact;

Mohsena Al Sulaimani
UAE Financial Markets Association
(P) +971 4 2566622 / 800 826632
(F) +971 4 2566626
(E) info@uaefma.com
(W) www.uaefma.com