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We are glad to share with you that UAEFMA’s, Annual Meeting with Ministry of Community and Development, was held on 18th March 2018, at Raffles Dubai,

Where the Election for the New Board was conducted and the News is we have a New Board from the tenure of 2018 till 2021,

The new board’s mandate covers a formal agenda consisting of overall strategy and management of the Financial Market Association, financial reporting, and controls, approval of the Annual Report.

  • Mr. Mohammed AL Hashemi, Chairman UAEFMA
  • Mr. Nabil Alrahma, Vice Chairman, UAEFMA
  • Mr. Salman Hadi, Secretary UAEFMA
  • Miss Ahoud Al Ali, Treasurer UAEFMA
  • Mr. Ahmed Ahli, Board Member
  • Miss Maryam Buzarak, Board Member – New
  • Mr. Abdel Aziz Ahmed, Board Member – New



UAEFMA would like to congratulate our new board members who have joined us and are willing to work for the betterment of association, and we welcome them on board,

Miss Maryam Buzarak, who is currently serving with Gulf International Bank, in Money Markets in Treasury.



And the second new board member who joined UAEFMA is Mr. Abdel Aziz Ahmed, who is part of Emirates NBD and serving for Treasury Department.