Launch of Model rewrite

Source : Aci Forex

ACI’s Executive Board approved at its yesterday’s meeting in Paris the rewrite of the Model Code.
The MOC became presented by David Woolcock, Chair of the CFP, and Manider Lidhar. Additional focus is given to FX best practices in settlement and electronic trading.
The official launch of the refurbished document of ethical behaviour in Financial Markets will be at the Council Meeting November 9th in Istanbul.
Manfred Wiebogen ACI President said: “The New Model Code is an essential and useful update to the new Financial Markets standards. It recalls the strong moral obligations of all markets participants when acting or trading. ACI calls for all practitioners to stick to the defined rules which are based on market experience and different Central Bank requirements.”

Paris, September the 5th 2012

The President receives the new Model Code
From left to right: Manider Lidhar, Manfred Wiebogen, David Woolcock, Jean-Pierre Ravisé.


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